Dedicated to the beautiful city of Freiberg!


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Beyond the shadows lies light,

Beneath the snow is ice,

After every dark night,

Is there a morning so bright.

With the snow gone,

Has the sun shone.

Melting what remains,

To reveal the lovely plains.

The veil of dark is now gone,

The music of light so strong.

Tomorrow this will be a memory glorified,

When the first snow of winter arrived.

When it kissed the rooftops slight,

Only for the sun to rise.

Troublesome it looked indeed,

For some bounty was to be levied.

Once it left, did the true beauty appear,

For after every trouble lies the reward surreal

A lesson to remember for all troubled:

After every night,

Lies a morning so bright!



When the body is brisk, the mind youthful;

When there is the energy and the drive to speed full;

Don’t let the setbacks, towards failure, pull!


When there is motivation high, and dependencies low;

And when the will to succeed is great;

you ought not to slow.


At every stop lies a barrier;

A red light that signals the end near.

At every junction lies a detour to failure,

The time for the vision to be in full gear.


The milestone, sometimes, is not right,

The bleakness grows then like a parasite.

The realization of boarding the wrong flight,

Makes it the spectacle of a gloomy night.


A wrong path though, isn’t the end;

It signals the time to persevere and mend

what broke; no need to try to blend.


A pinch of dream, a tinge of persistence,

the will to carry on towards the goal in sight,

the perfect recipe for a future so bright.


When the body is brisk, the mind youthful;

Don’t let the setbacks, towards failure, pull!!

It matters…

So what if someone dies? So what if a mother loses her child? So what if  a bright tomorrow is brought to darkness today? So what? Why would you care? Hell! Why would anyone care…

Do human values matter no more? Does it not matter if I live or die?

Yes! This is in reference to a horrific accident which took away a dear one. And yes! It makes me angry to see that the company, in which this terrible terrible event occurred, resumed work only an hour and a half later, only to be closed down because some God-fearing souls protested.

Why do we ignore the most precious gift handed down to us by our Creator: Life? Why is it taken for granted every time? Why…?

How much more would it cost if the company decides to take care of its personnel? Out of the huge chunks of profit it earns, it won’t matter much.  And even if it does, there is nothing more important than a human life. I repeat! Nothing more important than life. Yet somehow we still manage to bypass this simple, albeit so important principle.

A friend died, hoping of a better place. A place where such values are taken care of. Sadly though, this is a necessity rarely offered. Accidents happen. That is why they’re  called accidents, but when you see that a life doesn’t matter; it hurts, it seriously does…!

It is then you ask yourself, is it worth the risk? Is it worth the effort? Our efforts help grow the company, and in turn, the country as well, economically. And yet, being treated as mere puppets, brought in to run the show, sucks. Big time!

The industries have come so far to have made donkeys out of human beings, just to make what is sold to them eventually. Greed!

If the industries don’t change their ways, then, I say it’s time to reevaluate the options. It’s not worth it. The risks are just too high, and the return is just not good enough.

My friend had to go, because it was time. One day we will too. Money isn’t everything. Stay safe, take care and let go of the greed. It brings nothing but misery. May Allah have mercy on my friend and bless him with Jannah.

Maybe… A new Dawn!

There comes a phase in every person’s life when he just runs out of ideas, there seems no plausible way for him to escape. The façade, that is set up, just seems so wonderful, so attractive. And when you’re eventually sucked into the depths of its realms, then it dawns upon him. It is then that he realizes how the dark shadows have been lurking around him; luring him,  and subtly alluring him into abyss.

Now that the person is in there, the dark shadows have what they need: something to feed upon. He is now a slave to their wills. Is there no way out for him? Should he just run away? But where will he run away to… back to where he came from? Back to when he had nothing? Or should he just keep on being that slave, and hope for something better to eventually come his way?

This question he asks himself daily. Unsure of what to do next, he just carries on living in the abyss. Waiting, hoping, praying for the chance to arrive, the opportunity to rise back up. But until that moment, he is to stay there.

He tries to keep his hopes up. This is his only armor. With a smile on his face, he goes about his business. Staying away from the dangers that lurk, and hoping… just hoping! Because he knows… That behind all this drudgery, there still is an Eden that’s truly his.

And then it comes. Something completely unexpected, something out of the blue. A calling. A chance for freedom. His hopes have kept him strong for this. He can climb out of the abyss now. But what if this is just another chasm to the same abyss? What if there are more dark shadows around, just trying to lure another innocent prey? What if…

Never will he ever lose hope, he promises. Even if he falls again, he will get back up stronger, he will come back again more determined. He will keep on trying till the end.

Let’s forever be hopeful.


When we’re stuck in a place never meant for us. When we see things, we were never supposed to see. When we do things we’ve never done before. And when we feel out of place. It is then that we realize that the world isn’t all that perfect. It is then those people come to mind, who think beyond the realms of patriotism to have fled- oh! how wise have they proven to be. It is then that we believe how far behind we are, how much we lag.

It makes me sad to the gut to see our faith torn apart, our values put aside, and more importantly the values of others that we’re forced to crush. We come crumbling down to face this heart-wrenching fact, that no matter what, eventually it is the monetary value that is worth a hell lot more than anything else; even human values.

As sickening as it is, there is nothing stopping it; nothing to fight this sick act within ourselves, and in others as well. The education that should have taught us to fight for our rights, to fight for freedom, for love, has all but done that.

Our studies have made us corporate slaves, willing to lick up to our bosses, again, only to gain some monetary values. Remorselessly, we carry on fuelling this harsh environment, where eventually someone is bound to contravene; yet his pleas are silenced in the awe of his salary – and at times, his job as well.

“Run away! Run away!”, says a voice from within. And boy oh boy! Is this thought overwhelming. But if we leave, like so many others, who’ll be there to speak up for the mute?  Someone needs to take a stand, and if we won’t, who will?

This is Maaz Soomro, speaking up after a while. Till next time, Peace!

Time up!


From the moment I stepped in, a sense of thrill, a chill crept up my spine. From that day on, till today, my life has been surreal. Unfortunately though, everything has to have an end. And sadly, my adventure comes to a halt here. My time in NED University is up.

No longer do I have to wake up early. Hell! I had to get up even when the sun didn’t. It used to be the most annoying, the most irritating thing to do. And then the hurrying up! I still don’t know how I managed to catch my point each and every time. Even the conductor got tired of me chasing the bus around like crazy. It was madness. And to top it off, the bus ride wasn’t a stroll in the park either. A grueling hour of standing on my toes, covered in sweat – which mind you wasn’t mine to start off with. It would be a lucky day, if I got off feeling both my limbs. Insane! I think I miss that now.

Our first stop would be the Mech Corner; always the Mech Corner.  Nowhere else. For the past 4 years – except for during the times we were ragged (and not to mention those times during which we ragged), this was our spot. The Mech Corner. Here we relaxed and worked up our numb body parts. It was our little Mandir, our very own Church. All the pre-class rituals we performed there became necessary. Had someday we disregarded these rituals, the day went awful. Literally awful. Surprise tests, extra classes; you name it. All hell used to break lose then. I wonder where our next Mech Corner would be!

Then the classes. People started calling me sleepy-head after a couple of years. I wonder why did they call me that. I mean other than the fact that I usually didn’t note down the lectures, only occasionally listened to what our great lecturers had to blabber or the usual resting my eyes every now and then, I was THE ideal student. Sad everyone didn’t think that way.

Funny how the most modest of things get affixed in your memory, and how easily we forget all the prominent ones. “Boys! IT scene on hai”, some of us used to call out. Now everyone usually agreed. And everything seemed to be in place for a full fun filled bunk. But every single time! Every bloody single time someone just had to ruffle the feathers. God! I’m going to miss those times.

Then of course came the workbooks, the quizzes and the assignments. I always swore to be ready before time. Fate, though, had something else planned. The classes usually became a bilateral thingy. One eye on the lecturer and the other on the notes/assignments. It’s a talent we mastered. And probably the only thing in which we involved engineering – Less time, more topics covered (time economy). I’m still amazed at what we were able to achieve in such little time. Someone go check the world record on this. Because I’m sure we’d beat it eyes closed.

The toughest time of the day was the lunch break. We made some tough decisions during those times. Tremors of which are still felt. Which canteen to go to, what to eat and how much to eat; these certainly were questions that provided for some sleepless times (in the classroom of course). In the end, we’re glad that we made the right calls at the right time. (*Shudders)

The dog fight for a seat in the point usually signaled the end of the day. It was the time when brothers forgot brothers, friends became foes. Everyone used to have a rage in their eyes. They could kill for a seat. It’s said that the next world war will be on water. Well Mr Water! I say watch out. A Point seat is just as important.

To say that these past 4 years have been a roller coaster of a ride would be an understatement. Looking back at the time spent, it’s been one hell of a treat. And I, sure as anything, would love to relive those years all over again.