When we’re stuck in a place never meant for us. When we see things, we were never supposed to see. When we do things we’ve never done before. And when we feel out of place. It is then that we realize that the world isn’t all that perfect. It is then those people come to mind, who think beyond the realms of patriotism to have fled- oh! how wise have they proven to be. It is then that we believe how far behind we are, how much we lag.

It makes me sad to the gut to see our faith torn apart, our values put aside, and more importantly the values of others that we’re forced to crush. We come crumbling down to face this heart-wrenching fact, that no matter what, eventually it is the monetary value that is worth a hell lot more than anything else; even human values.

As sickening as it is, there is nothing stopping it; nothing to fight this sick act within ourselves, and in others as well. The education that should have taught us to fight for our rights, to fight for freedom, for love, has all but done that.

Our studies have made us corporate slaves, willing to lick up to our bosses, again, only to gain some monetary values. Remorselessly, we carry on fuelling this harsh environment, where eventually someone is bound to contravene; yet his pleas are silenced in the awe of his salary – and at times, his job as well.

“Run away! Run away!”, says a voice from within. And boy oh boy! Is this thought overwhelming. But if we leave, like so many others, who’ll be there to speak up for the mute?  Someone needs to take a stand, and if we won’t, who will?

This is Maaz Soomro, speaking up after a while. Till next time, Peace!


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