Maybe… A new Dawn!

There comes a phase in every person’s life when he just runs out of ideas, there seems no plausible way for him to escape. The façade, that is set up, just seems so wonderful, so attractive. And when you’re eventually sucked into the depths of its realms, then it dawns upon him. It is then that he realizes how the dark shadows have been lurking around him; luring him,  and subtly alluring him into abyss.

Now that the person is in there, the dark shadows have what they need: something to feed upon. He is now a slave to their wills. Is there no way out for him? Should he just run away? But where will he run away to… back to where he came from? Back to when he had nothing? Or should he just keep on being that slave, and hope for something better to eventually come his way?

This question he asks himself daily. Unsure of what to do next, he just carries on living in the abyss. Waiting, hoping, praying for the chance to arrive, the opportunity to rise back up. But until that moment, he is to stay there.

He tries to keep his hopes up. This is his only armor. With a smile on his face, he goes about his business. Staying away from the dangers that lurk, and hoping… just hoping! Because he knows… That behind all this drudgery, there still is an Eden that’s truly his.

And then it comes. Something completely unexpected, something out of the blue. A calling. A chance for freedom. His hopes have kept him strong for this. He can climb out of the abyss now. But what if this is just another chasm to the same abyss? What if there are more dark shadows around, just trying to lure another innocent prey? What if…

Never will he ever lose hope, he promises. Even if he falls again, he will get back up stronger, he will come back again more determined. He will keep on trying till the end.

Let’s forever be hopeful.


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