It matters…

So what if someone dies? So what if a mother loses her child? So what if  a bright tomorrow is brought to darkness today? So what? Why would you care? Hell! Why would anyone care…

Do human values matter no more? Does it not matter if I live or die?

Yes! This is in reference to a horrific accident which took away a dear one. And yes! It makes me angry to see that the company, in which this terrible terrible event occurred, resumed work only an hour and a half later, only to be closed down because some God-fearing souls protested.

Why do we ignore the most precious gift handed down to us by our Creator: Life? Why is it taken for granted every time? Why…?

How much more would it cost if the company decides to take care of its personnel? Out of the huge chunks of profit it earns, it won’t matter much.  And even if it does, there is nothing more important than a human life. I repeat! Nothing more important than life. Yet somehow we still manage to bypass this simple, albeit so important principle.

A friend died, hoping of a better place. A place where such values are taken care of. Sadly though, this is a necessity rarely offered. Accidents happen. That is why they’re  called accidents, but when you see that a life doesn’t matter; it hurts, it seriously does…!

It is then you ask yourself, is it worth the risk? Is it worth the effort? Our efforts help grow the company, and in turn, the country as well, economically. And yet, being treated as mere puppets, brought in to run the show, sucks. Big time!

The industries have come so far to have made donkeys out of human beings, just to make what is sold to them eventually. Greed!

If the industries don’t change their ways, then, I say it’s time to reevaluate the options. It’s not worth it. The risks are just too high, and the return is just not good enough.

My friend had to go, because it was time. One day we will too. Money isn’t everything. Stay safe, take care and let go of the greed. It brings nothing but misery. May Allah have mercy on my friend and bless him with Jannah.


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