Dedicated to the beautiful city of Freiberg!


(Note: This is a picture, so if you have trouble reading, try clicking on the picture and zooming or read it below. Ciao!)


Beyond the shadows lies light,

Beneath the snow is ice,

After every dark night,

Is there a morning so bright.

With the snow gone,

Has the sun shone.

Melting what remains,

To reveal the lovely plains.

The veil of dark is now gone,

The music of light so strong.

Tomorrow this will be a memory glorified,

When the first snow of winter arrived.

When it kissed the rooftops slight,

Only for the sun to rise.

Troublesome it looked indeed,

For some bounty was to be levied.

Once it left, did the true beauty appear,

For after every trouble lies the reward surreal

A lesson to remember for all troubled:

After every night,

Lies a morning so bright!


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